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Strategic Tie Ups

West African Economic Monetary Union:

An Organization of eight West African States UEMOA was established to promote economic integration across the countries that share the CFA Franc as a common currency.

West African Development Bank:

BOAD is headquartered in the capital city of Lome’ in the Togolese Republic. BOAD’S objective is to promote the balanced development of the Member states and to achieve the economic integration of West Africa.

The GFCL has inked down for Financial Advisor and Strategic Partnership agreement with West African Economic and Monetary Union Commission (UEMOA) and the West African Development Bank (BOAD) for advising on their upcoming infrastructure projects to develop in eight countries in PPP Mode.


The GFCL, in collaboration with the West African Economic and Monetary Union commission and the West African Development Bank organized a forum known as "West Africa Investment Forum" in Dubai (UAE) with a theme of 'Invest in UEMOA', whereby projects worth US$21 billion were presented, out of which projects worth US$19 Billion have been taken up by global Investors/Developers for further consideration & investments.


The forum was attended by a number of Multinational Corporates, project investors i.e. multinational banks, multilateral & bi-lateral banks, Infrastructure development funds, project developers, in addition to the eight Heads of Countries of the UEMOA member nations (Benin, Burkina Faso, Guinea Bissau, Cote d'lvoire, Mali, Niger, Senegal & Togo) and His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid AI Maktoum, Ruler of Dubai & Prime Minister of the UAE also attended the one-day investor forum.

Global Finance & Capital Ltd. has strategic partnerships with various corporate bodies and institutions, including but not limited to, the following:.

Asia Development and Investment Bank (“ADIB”)

Strategic Partner with Asia Development and Investment Bank (“ADIB”), Hong Kong for (i) financing of infrastructure development projects available at GFCL and (ii) ADIB’s official representation in UK, Europe, Middle East and African markets. ADIB is an offshore investment bank providing financial and consulting service for infrastructure projects and asset management service. The Bank is one of the members of World Islamic Economic Forum Foundation and its main businesses include Project financing, Energy investment, Investment Banking, Securities, Trustee, Asset management, Offshore financial services etc. The Bank’s assets under the management are more than $35 Billion. China Development Bank is a majority shareholder in ADIB.

Eco Bank

Eco bank & GFCL have entered into strategic Tie up whereby both the parties have agreed to work with each other on the Infrastructure development, fundraising and investment programme with a special focus on projects in Africa.

The formation of a frame work for Business Corporation and Marketing opportunities in infrastructure development projects;

To explore opportunities for lending and financing ventures upon such terms and conditions that will be agreed upon by the parties from time to time; Eco Bank will participate in opportunities Projects available at GFCL for which GFCL holds the exclusive mandates.